What is Rent 365?

RG UK understands that your property is not just a home, but an investment into your future. We understand that you need a guaranteed income from your property (why else would you own more than one house right?). It’s ok! We get it!

That is why our Rent 365 solution is perfect for you. You can read about how it all works here and we have a short video that gives you some more detail too.


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Here are some more fantastic features of our Rent 365 solution:

  • Quick and efficient payments every month via standing order to your bank
  • Guaranteed income 365 days a year to cover any outgoings you have i.e. mortgages
  • All utilities paid for by us to avoid big unpaid bills being run up against your property address
  • Professional residents only
  • A headache free property portfolio

If you are a landlord with 1 property or 100 properties, Rent 365 will work for you. We have expert property managers in every town and city in the UK. Book your free Discovery Call now!

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